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So, where to start………as I said in September’s Newsletter I decided to change the shop opening days in October and it was definitely the right decision. Whilst the roads have been much quieter as a combination of the normal Highlands weather, school holidays and the crazy times we find ourselves in, the little bell on the shop door has been ringing a few times every day that I’ve been open with both tourists and locals alike….all with lovely comments and several with kind words of visits to the shop in the past. This was exactly what I was hoping for when I made the decision to open the shop and I’m delighted that it’s getting this kind of response.


For those of you that have been getting these newsletters from the start, you will be aware that one of the main reasons for me taking on the running of the shop was to be able to spend time here in Kishorn with my father in law, Mike (aka Turner Bear), whose health had taken a huge downturn this year. I am so sorry to be sitting here in the shop typing these words, but Mike very sadly passed away on Friday 30th October which is why I’m late getting this newsletter out. Obviously we are all devastated but this is NOT going to turn into a woeful rant about the injustice of it all……we managed to keep Mike at home and we were all with him when it happened, which is a lot more than many people having to deal with sorrowful events at this time can say. I am also comforted by the fact that in his last few weeks, Mike was able to sit in his kitchen which is adjacent to the shop, listening to the general hubbub and lovely compliments, content with the fact that the shop which he and Jenny started back in the very early 2000’s was continuing in this way, in the family.



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I absolutely love the colours of autumn and none are more spectacular than the colours of the acer in the back garden behind the shop:







That’s it for October…..I know it’s shorter than normal but I will be back on full power for the next one, I promise………… and remember:


“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

                                                                                                                         John Lennon

I would love to hear if you find the newsletters interesting or if you would like to read about anything else: please email me at [email protected]

Ali x

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