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  1. Shop Preparations

    In less than 30 sleeps (which is how I have always counted down to anything I'm excited about) Freedom Works Kishorn will be opening its’ doors for the very first time.

    August is going to fly by, I'm sure, in a flurry of last minute stock collection/deliveries and placing all the various items on the walls and shelves....moving them around....and moving them around again (I am a bit of a perfectionist and very self- critical.....not the easiest traits to deal with when creating the most perfect of little shops, which is my goal).

    There are also the less exciting things to deal with, such as electricity, phone, internet etc (not quite so glamorous!)

    As well as all the above, I want to focus on getting some photos taken of a few items of stock to get them added to the online shop on this website, in order to get that up and running too.

    I was really hoping to be able to have a pre-opening "party" for all the locals and the artists/crafters that are going to be selling their lovely items in the shop, but I'm really not sure if I'm going to be able to manage it, with the current restrictions that are in place. I will keep trying to come up with something, so who knows.

    I'm currently typing this entry from my home in Elphin, looking out of the sunroom window through the haze of midges that have descended again today and driven my indoors. I will be back over to Kishorn to stay for a few days next week, unpacking boxes and filling shelves....and can't wait. 

    More news to come in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully some photos of the shop displays, to entice you in.....but for now, keep well, stay safe.......and keep following the daisies!

  2. I have been staying in Kishorn on and off for the past few weeks, making a start on getting the shop organised. This included a very timely Summer Solstice bonfire in the back garden after the recyle bin started groaning with the amount of cardboard I was trying to feed it!

    Three weeks later and the shop is now empty of anything that is not going to be useful....the outside is looking nice and white.. better other half (!!!) has turned his hand to routing and made me some wonderful shop signs which are now up and getting some lovely interest from locals and other passers by.



    The inside of the shop has also been painted and is having a well earned resting period for a couple of weeks to give the space some time to refresh.

    I have now returned to Elphin for a couple of weeks and will be out and about, collecting the stock from the individual artists and crafters, ready to start filling every shelf, wall space, nook and cranny from the beginning of August.

    Well, that is the end of my first entry on here......I am now off to battle the more tedious requirements of setting uop a shop, including getting all the utilities in place, designing and ordering flyers and business cards, and the "joys" of setting up a brand new printer that was delivered yesterday (!!!!) so my second post may take a for now, don't forget to "Follow the daisy!" (more on that in the future)......